You don’t need a data scientist anymore!*

You don’t need a data scientist anymore!*

You don’t need a data scientist anymore!*

ChatGPT's 'code interpreter' is kinda wild.
Watch it segment music markets based on a spreadsheet and come up with business strategies for each segment!

See it in action here:

* this worked example is purely to demonstrate ChatGPT’s ‘out of the box’ abilities. I’d nudge it in 100 ways to come up with a better answer if using it properly! So, you do actually need data scientists / analysts :)

Here is what it came up with: 


It's like stepping into a sci-fi movie, where I've instantly downloaded the ability to pilot Python – a language I was unfamiliar with just yesterday. With ChatGPT's code interpreter, I can now navigate this language with just natural conversation, pulling off complex maneuvers with ease.

It's an astonishing twist. Suddenly, I can control Python with just my thoughts, bypassing the traditional process of learning to code. It's akin to the scene in the Matrix where they download helicopter piloting skills in a flash.

Yesterday, Python was foreign to me. Today, it feels like an extension of my mind.

Have I sidestepped the need to actually learn Python? It appears so.



Here's some more exploration of ChatGPT's capabilities. 

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