Expanding Possibilities with AI-Assisted Note-Taking

As AI becomes an integral part of our professional lives, some worry that AI note-takers might make us too reliant and negatively impact our thinking skills. However, when used thoughtfully, AI-assisted note-taking can actually help us think better and open up new possibilities.

With AI handling data capture and transcription, we can shift our focus from simply documenting information to enriching the insights gathered. Instead of jotting down every detail, we can concentrate on aspects that AI might overlook, pushing ourselves to think deeper and uncover new opportunities for learning and growth.

To make the most of AI-assisted note-taking, consider capturing five key types of notes, which you can feed into an AI to help it write meeting notes that really pop:

1. Contextual insights - background information and historical references that add depth
2. Resource links - supporting materials and sources for further exploration
3. Strategic actions - important decisions and discussion points to revisit
4. Assumptions and hypotheses - underlying beliefs to validate or challenge
5. Personal reflections and learnings - takeaways for self-improvement and future meetings

By combining these notes with AI-generated transcripts, we create a more complete picture that leverages the strengths of both human insight and AI efficiency. Our notes complement the AI's output, ensuring key details and action items don't get overlooked.

But getting great results with AI note-takers requires more than just using the technology. It demands applying the "4 P's" that we emphasize at PROMPT: preparation, prompting, process, and proficiency.

Before using an AI to write meeting notes, take time to organize relevant and useful information to ensure the AI model has solid inputs to work with. During prompting, guide the AI with specific instructions and additional context about how you want the write-up to be focused. After the write-up is generated, refine the AI-generated notes with your own knowledge and expertise.

The more you collaborate with AI in this way, the more natural it becomes. With practice, the AI starts to feel like a thought partner, helping surface novel ideas and connections that expand your own thinking.

When approached with the right mindset and techniques, AI-powered note-taking doesn't dumb us down - it helps us focus on what matters and think in new ways. By using these tools skillfully, we can capture deeper insights and devote more energy to high-impact work.

The AI revolution presents a huge opportunity. We can shy away from it, or we can embrace it to augment our capabilities and expand what's possible. At PROMPT, our mission is to empower people to take the latter path - to harness the full potential of language models for better work and results.

Next time you're heading into a meeting, consider bringing an AI assistant along for the ride. With the right approach, you may be amazed at how it enhances your thinking and the value you're able to deliver. 

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