Praise for PROMPT and the authors

PROMPT has been well-received by experts in the fields of marketing, AI, and data science. We are thrilled to see that professionals from diverse backgrounds and various industries have found the book to be a valuable resource.

“... A must-have for any brand manager or marketing professional looking to use Al to improve their efforts. Don't miss out on this valuable resource …”
- Stan Sthanunathan, Retired Executive Vice President of Consumer and Market Intelligence, Unilever. CEO of

"... Generative AI is set to power the next digital revolution, providing first-mover advantages for those wise enough to take it seriously. This book provides a vital guide for savvy marketers looking to understand and adapt to tomorrow's tech-driven marketing landscape…"
- Sam Coates, Head of Data & Analytics, Ogilvy

"... If you want to own your destiny for the next 10, 20 or 30 years, you better know a little bit about generative AI … This is a really great, instructive book …"
- Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist, Salesforce

“... This is the book I recommend you buy and download to understand how to use Chat GPT … it’s really really great. Lots of detail, easy to follow and all the use cases you need for marketing. These folks have a proper marketing background but if you don't, it will STILL be useful. They clearly poured our hearts into this book …”
- Colin Lewis, Senior Marketer and Columnist, Marketing Week

“... The future is here, but not everyone is ready. You can guarantee you stay ahead of the curve with this fantastic new book on how to properly prompt the latest Al technology to ensure you get the most out of ChatGPT …”
- David McRaney, Science Journalist and Bestselling Author of 'How Minds Change' and ‘You Are Not So Smart'

"... PROMPT argues that technologies like ChatGPT make us more able, maybe even more intelligent, as our brain gets freed up to focus on the more complex stuff. I’d encourage you to read it …"
- Dr Parves Khan, CEO ESOMAR (formerly, European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research)

"... Hands down the best, most practically useful thing I’ve read on ChatGPT. Written for people who have to find ways to strategize their marketing, segment their audiences, and come up with new ways to reach their customers. It shows you how you can be a superhuman and do with AI what once would have taken large teams and tons of $$$ to do. (Or at least get 80% of the way there, but for free!). I can’t stress enough: you need to read this book …"
- Dr. Brett Danaher, Professor, The George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics, Chapman University

"... It is super f**king awesome. It really did change my strategy practice. When I picked it up - literally, the day I bought it, I read it, stayed up all night, and then the next day, I started doing work with clients and it just changed the way I work …"
- Ian Crocombe, Strategist at Deft. Formerly Facebook, dentsu, American Express, AKQA, M&C Saatchi and many more

"... Prompt gives you the confidence to perform Tarzan Economics, and reach out to the new vine of AI marketing tools that maintain competitiveness, and keep you in the game …"
- Will Page, author of Tarzan Economics and former Chief Economist of Spotify and PRS for Music

“… Wondering how to navigate the tidal wave of change that AI content creates? Let David and Richard be your guide. With one foot in data science / AI, and the other in the creative industries, there’s nobody better.
I’ve seen firsthand the things they’ve already been able to do with ChatGPT, turning days of work into a few carefully crafted keystrokes.
But great results come from great prompts, and this book shows you how to design superb questions and queries that give you the results you’re after. Promptly.
If you’re a marketer, a small business owner, a creator, or ... well, anyone, really, you need to clear your reading queue, clean off your bedside table, and dive in …”
- Alistair Croll, Author of Lean Analytics and Just Evil Enough (upcoming), a subversive marketing playbook for the attention economy

“… ChatGPT may turn out to be the most significant news event of 2022. If I'm right, then kudos to marketing mavens Richard Bowman and David Boyle for producing the first book on the topic. I read it over a long airplane ride this weekend, and it crystallized my thinking about what makes this technology revolutionary ..."
- Alan Murray, CEO and Editor, FORTUNE

“… A breath of fresh air! Clearly written with the genuine mission of making the knowledge needed to get and stay ahead accessible ..."
- Henry Holmes, Growth Marketing Guru at Journey Further

“… David Boyle has done for music what Billy Beane did for baseball: transform it into a data-driven business … A new universal language of data emerged …”
- Professor Zachary Tumin of Harvard University

“… “[They built] a vast and uniquely rich dataset … outstanding, both in terms of quality and quantity … A great reminder that [data] and bright minds … can be used to understand even a very non-technical question such as "Will a new song be a hit?” …”
The Guardian on our work that transformed the economics and culture of EMI Music

David Boyle

David has 20+ years of experience using technology to develop audience intelligence and strategy capabilities in the creative industries. His work has changed the culture and economics of the world’s most prestigious entertainment and luxury brands, including EMI Music, HarperCollins Publishers, BBC, MasterClass and Harrods. David runs Audience Strategies, an agency that helps brands use a deep understanding of their audiences to drive growth.

David co-wrote the PROMPT series of books on how people can practically use language models in their work. He has worked with marketers, CEOs, strategists, market researchers, innovation experts, psychotherapists, screenwriters, songwriters, creative writers and many more people on this. And he has trained many of the largest companies in the world.

What I'm thinking, seeing, listening to and working on

Richard Bowman

Richard has 15 years of experience in the FMCG, media and entertainment industries. He has designed and delivered consumer segmentations and innovation plans for some of the world's biggest brands. Richard works with the team at Audience Strategies and also runs This Is Insight, a consumer and market research and data consultancy to help brands grow.


Simon Jacobs

Simon Jacobs brings a wealth of experience in the music, television, and retail industries, Simon has a strong background in performance measurement and segmentation. Simon oversaw insight and reporting at BBC Studios, contributing to the success of renowned brands like Doctor Who, Top Gear, and BBC Earth. He’s a co-founder at Audience Strategies.


Louisa Livingston

Louisa Livingston has worked in large corporations and smaller brands for 20+ years, developing Insight, CRM and Data teams that support growth. Developing award-winning research projects and teams she brings a passion for fashion and past experience in companies like Harrods, Hachette and EMI Music. Now a co-founder of Audience Strategies, she supports clients in understanding and growing their audiences.


Charlie Palmer

Charlie Palmer spent 20 years in TV and radio, beginning his career at the BBC before moving on to Channel 4. During his time with the two companies, Charlie played a pivotal role in the launch and growth of iconic brands such as BBC Radio 1Xtra, Misfits, The Inbetweeners and Black Mirror. As Managing Editor for Channel 4’s streaming service, Charlie’s expertise in bringing new technologies into the mainstream was leveraged to drive record growth for the business. Charlie now directs his passion for brand building into Haus of Nige, a fashion label he first dreamt about when he was 15 years old (and called Nigel).


Ben Robins

Ben Robins brings over 25 years of expertise in media research to his role as the founder of ‘Sound Insights’, a cutting-edge research consultancy dedicated to elevating audio content. Through a strategic partnership with Audience Strategies, his consultancy delivers pivotal insights and guidance to optimise audience engagement and content creation. Ben has played a crucial role in guiding major audio players such as Audible, BBC World Service, and NPR, helping them to deeply understand their listeners' needs and inspiring creatives through research to innovate the next captivating listening experience.


Ray Tarantino

Ray Tarantino is a serial entrepreneur and startup maverick with over 20 years of experience in marketing, human connection, and innovation. His diverse career spans music, photography, and software development, equipping him with a unique perspective on the challenges faced by founders. As a college dropout turned successful entrepreneur, Ray understands the unconventional path many founders take and the resilience required to transform setbacks into opportunities. He brings his passion for marketing and human connection to his work, helping startups navigate the rollercoaster ride of triumphs and rejections. Ray's unconventional approach to life and business is a breath of fresh air in a world of clichés.


Adam Peruta

Adam Peruta is an associate professor at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. He is the program director for the M.S. program in Advanced Media Management which aims to put students at the intersection of media, technology and business. He teaches courses in emerging technologies, product development, UI/UX design, web development and media entrepreneurship.