What is PROMPT and who is it for?
PROMPT is a series of books for anyone looking to build great products and market them wonderfully. From startup founders to marketing professionals and from artists and filmmakers to CEOs of traditional businesses. They are valuable for both entry-level professionals and experienced marketing experts.

What makes the PROMPT collection different from other books on AI?
PROMPT books are unique in focusing specifically on how you can use AI to build better products and market them brilliantly. They provides a practical, hands-on guide to using AI in the context of growing brands. Written by and with experts in each field.

What topics do the PROMPT books cover?
They cover a wide range of topics related to using AI in marketing and product development. They include information on how to use AI to better understand your audience, make more informed decisions (about product, price, positioning, partnerships etc.), and ultimately grow your brand.

Are PROMPT books suitable for beginners?
Yes, they are suitable for both entry-level professionals or creatives as well as experienced experts like CEOs and CMOs. They provide clear and accessible introductions to using AI.

Do PROMPT books include practical exercises and prompts?
Yes, they all include worked examples of prompts that you can use to apply the concepts and techniques covered in the books to your brand. The examples come from a variety of industries, categories and genres, including music, television, and consumer goods brand development.

Do the PROMPT books discuss the challenges and pitfalls of using AI?
Yes, they discusses some of the challenges and pitfalls of using AI in the context of growing brands. They provide tips and guidance on how to avoid common pitfalls and make the most of the opportunities that AI presents.

Did AI write these books?
Sadly not. We used our experience to assess language models like ChatGPT against hundreds of use-cases to find ones we are proud to share in the books. For each, we use our expertise to judge performance and tease out lessons. Did AI help write it? Absolutely! We outline all the ways it did (and all the ways it fell short) in an appendix to PROMPT for Brands, which we hope is useful, also!

The first ChatGPT book, eh?
We guess so. We published on 23rd December 2022. Making PROMPT for Brands the first book published about ChatGPT. And the first book partially written by ChatGPT (see above).