It's a Process, Not a Single Step: Why Iteration Is Key to AI Use

It's a Process, Not a Single Step: Why Iteration Is Key to AI Use

Effective use of AI, like using a language model, is best approached as an iterative process rather than expecting a perfect result from a single input.

Slide 1 discusses how to CAREfully enhance AI content by fact-checking, adding context, removing irrelevant parts, and editing to fit one's objectives - an iterative process.

Slide 2 discusses avoiding the "one-stop shop fallacy" and presents two frameworks - CHEF and GROW - that envision using AI as developing potential solutions through multiple iterations of understanding needs, exploring ideas, experimenting, and refining based on results - again, an iterative process.

Slide 3 frames using AI as an art, craft, or algorithm. It finds the "craft" perspective of thoughtful, nuanced refinement through iterations best balances creativity and functionality for enhancing thinking and communication.


The common thread is that AI interactions are journeys, not single events. Getting the most value requires an iterative mindset of gradually developing understandings and refining potential solutions, rather than expecting perfection from a single prompt. With practice of these iterative techniques, people can learn to effectively partner with AI to achieve their goals.

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